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Thoughts on Inner Work

Tom Eckert

“…my inner work these days feels more intimate than academic. Inner work requires inner sincerity; it’s about looking inside and getting honest about how we “take in” the rather miraculous world around us. Such a practice entails self-awareness, which is no small matter. With a practice of self-awareness, I believe we can begin to purify ourselves, receive others, and better share our unique gifts with the world.”

Tom’s Path


Sheri Eckert“There is one thing that I know for sure:  nothing is permanent, not even your troubles. Sages and scientists alike cannot dispute the fact that everything will pass; there is a beginning and an end to being human. By looking at life through this filter of absolute truth, what happens to, through, and around you during the in-between takes on a different meaning. The quest becomes more about what you do with what you encounter internally in your inner space, and externally, as life unfolds in front of you. Inner work is the art of becoming increasingly self-aware, and by so doing impacting in a positive and intimate way, first yourself, and then the world that you call home.”

~ Sheri’s Path / Coming Soon ~