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“Innerwork” is our private practice serving the Portland area. We offer individual, couples, and family counseling, groups and programs that benefit the communities we serve, as well as skype sessions that transcend geography. Our mission is to inspire awareness and bring about social change. We’re interested in working with anyone who desires self-understanding, personal growth, healthy relationships, and effective engagement in the community.

Innerwork DV

Innerwork’s “Better Man” program combats intimate partner and family violence. We facilitate group programs that help men develop accountability and prosocial principles, while putting an end to abusive and controlling patterns. Successful participants will internalize a peaceful and effective outlook, based on empathy, respect, insight, and equality.

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Innerwork believes that a deep connection — with self, others, and the natural world — is revealed with a clear mind and an open heart. We believe that each of us has the capacity to recognize harmony within ourselves, with our fellow human beings, and with infinite nature. Integrating this kind of consciousness, however, requires knowledge, self-study, and a certain effort — a practice we call “Inner Work.”

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